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Merry Christmas Ladies – I put A-LOT of time into this one to make your Christmas EXTRA special, so give it a read 🙂

10 Awesome Ways to Show your Boyfriend you Love Him

Most relationships follow the same old pattern – things are very interesting in the beginning, then the excitement and anxiety begin to go away.

Within a few weeks, things become very predictable and settle into a boring, mundane, monotonous routine. Outings usually consist of a movie and dinner. Both partners stop making extra effort to impress and to please to the other. They don’t even dress up as well as they did in the initial dating period. The relationship runs out of steam and becomes uneventful and dull. This causes the couple to drift apart.  You love him, and you want to SHOW him you love him – but what now?

Here is what I want you to wrap your head around – Each encounter between you and your partner should be an act of seduction.

Your boyfriend should fall even more madly in love with you after each meeting!

Here are 10 creative ways to drive him crazy! (In a good way) 

1) Take him out on a date: Make it special by sending him a written invitation. Be sure to specify a dress code. Plan something unexpected, thrilling and dramatic. Don’t make half hearted attempts – own whatever it is that you have in mind. Push your comfort zone – try something adventurous and electrifying. Go hot air ballooning, rent out a convertible and go on a long drive, climb up to the highest point in your city, go to watch his favorite sports team playing, take him to a concert, take pottery classes, go horse riding, scuba diving! The sky is the limit, use your imagination. The idea is to make the experience memorable. If he is a considerate guy, then he will want to reciprocate by doing something equally wonderful for you! This way, you will create a chain of exhilarating experiences.

2) Write him a love letter: Don’t be afraid to make yourself vulnerable if you trust him. A love letter is so much more intimate and affectionate than a text message.

3) Cook him his favorite meal or try exotic cuisines together. Look past your local pizzeria and steak house. Order something that you can’t pronounce LOL! Here are a few delectable examples – Coquilles St. Jacques, Chicken tandoori, lamb sept-heurre, boeuf bourguignon etc. Contrary to popular perception, you do not have to spend a fortune to try out exotic foods. They are more affordable than you think. Just google best places to eat in your city.

4) Liven up things in bed: How many positions have you made love in? Most couples are familiar with just 3 positions – the missionary, cowgirl and doggie style. Did you even know that there exist positions with outrageous names such as the dolphin, the stairway to heaven, the London Bridge, Sphinx, Indian headstand, G force, the gallery, the plough etc? Also, you don’t have to have the flexibility of a yogi in order to enhance your sex life. A simple blindfold, some dirty talk and handcuffs are more than sufficient to take it to a whole new high! Even some whipped cream is enough to do the trick! Talk to him about his wildest fantasy – then fulfill it!

5) Be supportive on bad days! Comfort him with a hug and a kiss if he is having a bad day! You may do this on good days too.

6) Be nice to his parents (if you know them): Send his mom roses and champagne on her birthday! This instantly makes you marriage material!

7) Buy him a gift: It can be something as simple as a card to something as naughty as a sex toy! You know your boyfriend better than me so I will leave this one up to you.

8) Say ‘I love you’ on the radio or on TV: There are many programs where you can send a message or dedicate a song to a special person. Just make sure he is tuned in!

9) Sing a song for him at a party, in front of all the guests! He might be embarrassed, or he might love you more for it – one way to find out! 🙂

10) This is important and many women ignore this – Make him do things for you. Give him a hard time once in a while. This does not mean that you should nag him continuously for two weeks; you don’t want him to lose his mind after all! Just be a little tough, make him work for you, be stubborn and demanding sometimes. If you keep giving without demanding, then you will most likely be taken for granted. Asking him to do things for you causes him to invest in the relationship and people treasure that what they have invested in!

11) Make sure you Capture his Heart and make him yours FOREVER.  (Click on the previous link for something special)

I sincerely hope you liked this article, I spent alot of time on this one this morning JUST for you ladies – if you DID please like it or share it on your favorite social media site!


Love, Deb

Posted on Dec 19, 2014

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Deborah is the owner of this site, a dating and relationship expert and a wife and mother to a wonderful husband and two twin girls.