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Texting is highly underrated as a seduction tool.

I mean, people text all time but usually, their texts are unimaginative and essentially meaningless.

They do not create a lasting impression on the mind of the receiver and in fact, they actually hurt the dynamic of the relationship since they often demonstrate neediness. Mindless texting all day indicates too much interest and easy availability.

So if you think that texting your boyfriend all throughout the day will help you to draw him closer, you have got it completely wrong!

10 Cute Texts To Send To Your Boyfriend

It is simple logic – when there is an overabundance of something, people do not treasure it. So don’t text your boyfriend very often, he will value your messages a lot more if they are rare.

Also, when you do text him, make sure to really create an impact. A single, cute text message has way more significance than meaningless texting throughout the week.

I personally am not a huge fan of copying text messages from the internet. The world needs more originality. Still, here are some of my favorite cute text messages!

Use these as your inspiration. 

  1. I was an atheist before but when I met you I started believing in God because only He can create somebody who is so charming and wonderful! This message is downright disarming, even if it contradicts with the Darwinian Theory.
  2. If I were to receive a nickel every time I saw someone as handsome as you, I would have only 5 cents!
  3. I bet your lips are feeling very lonely. Would they be interested in meeting mine?
  4. If I was made in charge of the English Alphabet, I would put U and I together!
  5. Are your legs tired? You have been running through my mind all day!
  6. You are the reason I am breathing and yet you manage to take my breath away every time I see you.
  7. You should be banned! You are the most addictive drug on the planet.
    • He might respond with something corny like – Have you tried other drugs? Say that you have tried everything from cocaine to heroine but you finally found your fix when you met him!
  8. My yoga teacher told me that I should give you a hug everyday as part of my routine.
    • This one is so irrational that it is totally hilarious. He will feel flattered that you are making excuses just to hug him!
  9. If being cute was a crime, you would be locked up!
  10. When I miss you, I read the messages that you have sent me before and smile like an idiot!

You get the idea!

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<3 Deb

Posted on Dec 29, 2013

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