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As my first post of 2014 – I want to make it a good one you’ll NEVER forget!

We all love technology, or at least MOST OF us….having said that, If you want to master the art of seducing men, then you simply cannot ignore the art of texting.

7 Flirty Texts For Him that you can use right NOW

Listed below are some flirty texts that will send a chill down his spine!

 1) I am waiting for you at home with a bottle of champagne. Seems pretty innocent but will instantly cause him to daydream about enjoying a romantic evening with you. If you prefer something a bit raunchier, substitute the bottle of champagne with a pair of handcuffs!

2) I bought some new lingerie… He will start imagining you wearing it! You can add fuel to the fire by including a photo of your cleavage. Make sure to leave the face out though as such pictures often end up on facebook if things go sour.

3) I’m having some seriously R-rated (or x-rated) thoughts today! This can spark up a series of flirtatious and semi-erotic messages.

4) I am only wearing panties. Or, I am not wearing any panties. You have to improvise here! If you think that the first two options are too bold, you may say something like – I am wearing your shirt, it has your smell on it.

5) I’m going to take a shower, try not to think of me! Or, I just got out of the shower and could use some help drying off.

6) I’m feeling generous today. Let me know your wish and I will grant it. 

7) Challenge him with something that puts the pressure on him to think of an interesting answer – What was the most interesting thing that happened to you today?

8) Want to REALLY get his heart racing? Try Sending a “Curiosity Magnet” text like you learn in “Text The Romance Back” (I did a full review of that product here)- this is GREAT training for those who want to learn how to text better, or want to re-kindle the romance in their current relationship!

As you probably know by now, text messages are an integral aspect of communication and hence they play a significant role in creating and amplifying attraction.

I really like texting because it enables you to analyze each message and to think ahead. Essentially, texting is seduction in slow motion. There is no hurry and more importantly, you can create anticipation simply by delaying your response!

If you play your cards right, you can make a guy go crazy for you simply by texting.

Unfortunately, many women simply have zero text messaging skills.

We women like to chat and to text and so we overdo it – this indicates neediness and kills attraction.

That brings us to the big question – how much is too much? Well, if you have already texted him 20 times today, then you should stop NOW! Here is a general rule of thumb – he should text you more than you text him and his messages should be longer than yours.

Also, your messages should not be hollow – they should have a definite purpose. That purpose is either to create attraction or to amplify it!

You get the idea – now get texting! 🙂

<3 Deb

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Posted on Jan 1, 2014

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