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I am sometimes dumbfounded by stupid male behavior.

So much so that I have actually compiled a list of signs which indicate that he definitely is not ‘The One’. I hope you enjoy this one!


1) He seems more interested in his phone than in you! I have noticed this quite a lot lately and not surprisingly, it is most common among young guys and girls. A couple enters a coffee shop, they order and make small talk for a few seconds and then both of them start playing candy crush on their phone! WOW! Leave this site immediately if you do this on dates and if you happen to date a guy whose idea of the perfect date is playing video games and ogling at his female friends’ photos on facebook, then please do yourself a favor and dump him immediately. What irritates me most is that I have actually come across a few website and magazine articles that tell men to not pay attention to the woman on dates. This is supposed to let us women know that the man is not all that into us. It is supposed to make women strive harder to get the man’s attention! Let us hope that men are not completely retarded and won’t take this bullshit seriously.

2) There is nothing to talk about! Do you want your love life to be characterized by long, awkward silences? I have read somewhere that true companionship is rewarding even when no words are exchanged. Look, this stuff feels romantic only in novels because the author spends 3 pages describing the esoteric part of the character’s souls and the undercurrent of (imaginary) emotional tension in the atmosphere. If you have nothing to talk about, think of a polite excuse and find a way to end the ordeal…err date. Then call your girlfriends and hit the pubs – sip on fancy cocktails while you flirt with guys!

3) He is wearing flip flops! Here are a few more to watch out for – He smells too mmm….masculine (clue: he hasn’t showered!); his clothes are a horrible mess; he arrives drunk; he eats like a pig; he burps after dinner…actually this list is pretty freakin’ long!

4) He does not let you express your opinion. Beware of such type of people. They think that they knowing everything that goes on in the world. They judge others, they call names, they complain and they like to talk about themselves for hours on end. What’s even worse is that these obnoxious men are very condescending, dominating and control freaks. Many women fall for these jerks because they seem charming and self assured. These men are actually really dumb and insecure – avoid them at all costs. They will ruin your life. Here is a good way to identify and filter out these jerks – they become aggressive and violent when they don’t get what they want. They slam doors, punch walls, and pound their fists on table tops. They are rude to others (waitresses, attendants etc.) and to you too!

5) The guy cannot stop talking about his ex-girlfriends. How can you hope to have a future with a guy who is still caught up in the past?

6) You cannot be yourself: Ideally, a first date should feel very light and easy. It should be fun and you should feel comfortable and relaxed. It should not feel tense or insipid. He is not worth your while if spending time with him feels like you are walking on egg-shells!

7) He makes you pay for the date: I am all for women empowerment and equality of the sexes. Still, I think that a man should suck up the bill on the first date at least. Please don’t date a broke fellow. He probably has more problems than you do!

One more thing- sexual confidence is very desirable in a man. However, if your date can’t stop talking about sex, then it probably means that he is not getting much of it. I wonder why???

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Posted on May 18, 2014

About the Author

Deborah is the owner of this site, a dating and relationship expert and a wife and mother to a wonderful husband and two twin girls.