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8 Things That Turn Men Off

8 Things That Turn Men Off

You think you’re turning him ON with this, really?  LOL

Be honest; Have you ever experience any of the following scenarios in your dating life?

You go with him for a date and afterwards he suddenly stops calling or texting you


he goes from seeing you as a fantastic woman to seeing you as more of a friend.

If so, DON’T let this get you down – simple understand you’re having a disconnect with the boy/man/guy/dude you are dating or talking to.

But do you want to keep your man?

If the answer is yes then it is very important to learn the biggest turn offs for men so that you can avoid doing them and potentially ruining your relationship.

Below is a list of 8 simple but SHOCKING things that turn men off:

  1. Silent treatment.

Most ladies have a tendency to use silent treatment when they are angry or hurt about a certain behavior in their man. They usually put a cold front and sometimes refuse to reply in a normal manner. When the guy asks the lady a question, she only replies with one word such as no or says nothing at all.

I know it may be hard to believe, but this behavior is VERY irritating to men. If you DON’T want to turn him off, keep this in mind; a man is much happier if his woman is willing to talk if there is any issue instead of keeping quiet and starting a cold war.  Ask any guy, seriously – they hate this! 🙂

  1. Talking about your ex.

Past is past. Some women like talking about their previous relationships and comparing them with the present one. Talking about your ex with your current boyfriend and telling him how your ex used to treat you is an immediate turn off to most men. Always focus on your current relationship and try as much as possible to compliment your man as opposed to comparing him with your ex.

  1. Applying too much make up.

Most women think that if they apply a ton of much make up, they’ll look beautiful and attractive but that is not always the case. Most men would rather see your natural beauty than clowned up beauty. Every man wants to be with a women whom he can wake up the following morning and see a pretty face as opposed to waking up the following morning up seeing a complete stranger (due to excess makeup).  Make up is usually applied to enhance a woman’s beauty, not to make her look like a completely different person. So apply make up in moderation to avoid turning him off.

  1. Dressing inappropriately.

Believe it or not, there is a limit to HOW “sexy” you should dress around your man.  I can’t think of any man who would want to walk down the street with his girlfriend while she’s dressed like a… lady of the night.  Don’t get me wrong, I Am NOT saying that you should not dress sexily but you should know that there is actually a big difference between dressing sleazy and sexy. For instance, you can wear a short skirt but don’t pair it with knee high boot. When you dress up like a side walk prostitute, no man will take you seriously.

  1. Nagging attitude.

It may sound cliche to bring up the topic of a nagging woman but it is actually a major problem to most men. As relationships start to age, most women start to nag their men in an effort to improve them.  I’ll say it now, STOP DOING THIS!  You should know that you are dating a grownup up and even if you just trying to improve him, you should always allow him to make his own choices and decisions. 🙂

  1. Being overly possessive.

Men are usually the chaser and they like it to stay that way. But when it turns out that the girl is the one chasing the man, then the man will most likely loss interest in her. To keep the guy always interested, the lady must always remain to be a challenge but if the girl if overly possessive with him, it will easily turn him off.

  1. Being materialistic.

Don’t be Madonna – not every man likes a “Material Girl”.  When a man starts viewing you as a gold digger, he will try as much as possible to avoid you. When you start telling him to buy you your favorite shoes or to go shopping with you (on his dollar) he may get a wrong impression that you are materialistic and you are more interested with his wallet than him as a person.  Don’t be a Gold Digger, unless you’re purposely looking for a Rich man who’s okay with that.

  1. Getting drunk.

The society may accept a man getting drunk but when it comes to women, it is actually not sexy. If you are the type of lady who gets drunk to a point you start misbehaving, a man will not take you seriously. Don’t be me wrong, I’m NOT saying that it is bad to have a drink but as a lady you need to make sure you tone it down a bit and drink responsibly.

As always, let me know if you have ANY questions!

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<3 Deb

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Deborah is the owner of this site, a dating and relationship expert and a wife and mother to a wonderful husband and two twin girls.