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Dealing with Jealousy in Your Relationship – How to Overcome It

So you’re dealing with Jealousy Issues, eh?

When people in a relationship get jealous of each other, this does not mean that they are weak or insecure.

They may just be expressing their love. However, if they do not deal with jealousy, it can end up breaking their relationship.

If you feel jealous of your partner, you will not bring him closer. Instead, your behavior can drive him away. It is VERY important to know how to deal with jealousy so that you can have a happier relationship.

First, watch this video from Youtube on the subject

Dealing with jealousy in your relationship is not very easy.

Even though it may crop up in several ways, it is basically the fear of losing your lover. It can confuse you into believing that your relationship is in danger, even if it is perfect. No one opts to be jealous. In most cases, jealousy is caused by a misunderstanding or lack of communication.

You may feel jealous if you do not like the way your partner is enjoying hanging out with another woman. Jealousy that is caused by a misunderstanding is acceptable but irrational jealousy is not. When people in a relationship feel jealous of each other for small reasons, it is a sign of low self esteem and social insecurity.

The following are the steps you can take to overcome jealousy in your relationship.

Trust your partner

You can get rid of jealousy if you stop doubting your partner unnecessarily. Remember that he loves you and is not going to stop loving you just because he is talking to an attractive lady.

If you are being bothered by the way your partner is behaving, you should inform him about it in a pleasant and clear manner. This is much better than displaying your dissatisfaction in the form of jealousy.

Listen to your partner

Avoid walking away or being inattentive when your partner wants to talk to you even if you feel that what he wants to say does not make sense. Note that what may seem to be nonsense to you may be very significant to your partner when he is hurt and needs your reassurance.

When jealousy crops up, your lover will most likely want you to pay attention to him and show him that you still care. The two of you can work out such a situation by listening to and understanding what each of you has to say.

How to Deal with Jealousy

Read the signs of feeling hurt

Most often, if your lover is feeling low or hurt, he will not inform you about it. You should therefore look for signs that suggest that he is upset about something. You can rub his shoulders and coax him to say what is in his mind. Let him know that he means a lot to you. This can make him feel better.

Put yourself in his shoes

One of the ways of dealing with jealousy in your relationship is learning how to put yourself in your partner’s shoes. For example, if your lover hugs or kisses a friend of the opposite sex after bumping into her after many years, consider if you would have done the same if you were in his place.

Try to always understand what your lover is going through. He may just have been very happy to see his old friend. Everything does not revolve around your lover wanting to end your relationship.


Reassuring your partner is very important. Things can worsen if you get angry with him for being jealous. If you know that you had neglected you partner, tell him that you are sorry for having neglected him. You may also just reassure him by letting him know that you love and care about him a lot.

Remember that when a person in a relationship gets jealous, he or she is more afraid of losing his or her partner and badly wants the attention of the other person.

Stop trusting your imagination too much

You may imagine many scenarios when you get jealous. For instance, if your partner gets home later than usual, you may imagine him having an intimate drink with the woman you saw working in his office or the attractive sister of his fitness coach you happened to meet once. You may end up feeling upset, angry or frightened even though there is no evidence that what you imagined is real.

When your partner finally arrives home, you will most likely react weirdly by having an outburst of anger or being cold towards him. In turn, he will become angry and defensive. It is therefore essential to avoid getting emotional just because of something you have imagined.


Getting jealous when in a relationship is normal but jealousy should never be ignored. The best way to overcome jealousy is to confront it. Both partners in a relationship can get jealous at one time or the other. They can help each other overcome jealousy by being more understanding and communicating effectively.

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