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Before you proceed, I suggest that you take a look at some statistics.

According to studies conducted by the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy (2013), a staggering 57% of men admitted to committing to cheating while they were in a relationship and 22% of married men admitted to having cheated at least once! If these two statistics have you glowing red with resentment, then this one will totally blow you away…

74% of men say that they would cheat if they knew they would not get caught!

Do all Men Cheat?

Let me guess what you are thinking at this moment. Something along the lines of – ;Men are PIGS! They are wild, barbaric animals who treat every woman as a piece of meat!’ Right? However, I request you to reserve your judgement and check out the statistics for women.

54% of women admitted to cheating when they were in a relationship; 14% of married women have strayed at least once and close to 70% said that they would WILLINGLY CHEAT if they were sure of not getting caught!

So what do you think about that now?

It turns out that women are not the innocent, heavenly angels that they perceive themselves to be.

They too are almost as bad as men in the cheating department!

This brings us to the big question – what causes men and women to cheat in the first place?

While it is true that men have a natural tendency to assess the sexuality of almost all women that they come across, this does not mean that they cannot remain committed and faithful to just one woman. Similarly, even though women are more inclined to remain faithful, the aforementioned figures clearly indicate that they too are more than just capable of committing infidelity.

There are several factors that cause men (and even women) to cheat. Often, the person is being actively seduced by someone; other reasons include sexual incompatibility, stress in the relationship, monotony etc. However, clinical research has shown that the biggest cause of infidelity is emotional disconnection. In other words, people cheat because they no longer feel emotionally connected to their partner. They no longer are in love. Their relationship essentially has no meaning – it is not a relationship which promotes mutual joy and growth, it has become an ordeal. Thus, if your man has no feelings for you or worse, if he has negative feelings for you – then it almost guaranteed that will cheat or probably is cheating on you. A man who is truly in love is highly unlikely to cheat.

So what can YOU do to prevent your man from cheating?

If you want to keep your man from cheating, you need to make sure your relationship is healthy and he’s got STRONG feelings for you (as well as you for him).  I recently picked up a GREAT online book by a gal named Claire Casey called “Capture his Heart and Make him Love you Forever” – read my FULL review here, this is seriously worth picking up.

Posted on Dec 20, 2013

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