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Simply put – men are most attracted to ‘alpha women’.

Here’s how to become one!

Physical attributes:

Now don’t take this the wrong way my sexy plus sized lady friends, but studies indicate that women with a slim waist and a shapely butt are more attractive to men. Now don’t get me wrong, proportion is more important than the actual size.  Just jogging and even walking for 30 minutes a day and basic exercises like squats can help you to get into reasonable shape – even if you’re a bit on the curvier side.  Don’t gorge on junk food! Eat healthy – it shows that you have some self respect and that you care about how you look. Eating healthy will also help you to feel happier.  Trust me, if you feel better about yourself, it will show – and guys WILL notice.

How to Attract Men

Wear red

Wear RedResearch suggests that men are more likely to invest romantically in women who wear red. Scientists have also discovered that lips are the first thing that men notice in a woman’s face. So take special care of your lips. Keep them looking moist and succulent by applying a good lip balm or gloss. Now that you know that men are attracted to the color red and lips – wear red lipstick for a killer effect! Tight leather pants and denims, short skirts and high heels will attract attention wherever you go. However, do not wear something overly raunchy – flaunting a bit of cleavage is good and even desirable but make sure that your breasts are not spilling out of your top. It is a good idea to have more cleavage inside your clothing than on the outside! There is a fine line between ‘classy and sensual’ and ‘outrageous and slutty’. Create an individualistic look by wearing clothes that best accentuate your physical traits. Adding a playful accessory like a hat, scarf or a stylish handbag enables you to stand out.  (One of the first things MY husband noticed about me was my hat and scarf, actually – it’s what made him come up and talk to me for the first time)

Social Attributes:

Men are attracted to women who have high social value. An alpha woman is admired, loved and respected by society and she’s used to guys hitting on her all the time. In turn, she is confident and comfortable with herself. She has hobbies and a definite purpose in life. Since such a woman is a happy person, she smiles often and is kind to everybody around her. She is not insecure and does not have to prove anything to anybody. In very simple terms – ‘having high social value’ means that you actually have a life. It means that you do not sit in front of the idiot box all day. You actually go out and meet people and do the things that you like.

Emotional Attributes:

Women who are excessively clingy and needy give men nightmares! However, this does not mean that you should not express your feelings openly. You can love a man and still not cling to him all the time. Having feelings is not bad at all – in fact, it is a good thing. However, what are you doing with those feelings? Are you demonstrating neediness simply because of your own insecurities? Strive to become emotionally fit. This is not easy to accomplish on its own but it is rather an after effect of looking good and having high social value.

Here are a few simple but powerful things that you can do to become more attractive to men:

  1. Learn to dance. This helps you to develop good posture plus makes you a big hit at parties and night clubs.
  2. Be optimistic. Helps you to stay positive and playful at all times. This makes you a better woman and a better person.
  3. Travel – interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds enhances your personality and mental makeup. This also gives you a chance to meet and date exotic men.
  4. Read – men think highly of women who are well read and intelligent. In fact, they are even a little bit intimidated by them! If you are pretty, classy and smart, then you are marriage material honey!
  5. Work on your  sense of humor! Learn to laugh, and learn to laugh at YOURSELF – you’ll find life’s much easier when you’re laughing.
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