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WARNING: Before we begin, I feel obligated to warn you that your ex is not worth your time if he is or does any of the followingliar, not trustworthy, blames others for problems that he causes, cheats, abuses you (or other people) emotionally, financially and physically, is irresponsible, is involved in illegal and/or unethical activities and has issues with substance abuse.

However, if he is truly a good man who deserves your love, then I do feel for you. But don’t be discouraged as there is always hope for almost all broken relationships.

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How to Get him BackThis is my three step approach for getting him back.

1) Get busy: Don’t brood over your break up. It accomplishes absolutely nothing. I know that this is hard but still, I advise you to live life with enthusiasm and energy.

The best thing that you can do at this time is to do the things that truly make you happy. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment and try out other exciting activities.

Make an active effort to fill your life with positivity. This is also the perfect time to get a makeover – go shopping with your girlfriends! It is very important that you feel vibrant, joyful and confident again.

2) Be open to seeing other men: I know that this totally contradicts your goal. Do it anyway. Seeing other men enables you to determine your true feelings for you ex.

Does thinking of him make your heart flutter even though you have the attention of several other debonair gentlemen? Also, getting back into the dating game will help you to get a confidence boost.

A break up shatters a woman’s confidence and sometimes, she just needs to feel wanted and desired again.

3) Initiate contact: Believe it or nor, there have been studies that show you how to get your ex boyfriend back via TEXT MESSAGES (Check them out here.).  Don’t get me wrong, it takes longer than a day – but I’ve been through many of these materials MYSELF and was quite impressed.

Based on my research, your best bet is to text him. Texting is low pressure and casual and it does not come across as over-eager. Please be a bit more original that ‘hi, what’s up?’

Know that men are naturally hardwired to be in well defined relationships with women and thus it is extremely hard for them to remain indifferent or to ‘simply be friends’. So the odds are definitely in your favor. Even if he is seeing other women, he is probably just doing it because he wants to forget about you. So don’t let anything discourage you.

Text him a few times (here’s what you should say first) and try not to get into arguments. Just be casual and cordial – your aim is to get him to meet you for something that is low pressure. It can be something that friends do. Once you meet him, impress him with your attitude, your energy and your personality. Be yourself – after all, he already fell for you once.

Give him a reason to do it again!

You can do it, I know you can!



Posted on Dec 14, 2013

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