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Finding a man that you truly adore is a pretty tall order in itself.

However, keeping that man is perhaps one of the most ‘trying’ challenges of womanhood!

There is a cardinal difference between becoming a girlfriend/wife and being one. The secret to keeping a man happy is to turn the tables on him and to make him want to make you happy.

Let’s start with a moving video, followed by 6 great tips

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1) Don’t forget to have a life! Women have a tendency to obsess over their boyfriends/husbands. Once they are in a relationship, their entire existence begins to revolve around their man. They often lose sense of their own priorities and are very accommodating of the man’s needs and demands. This type of behavior conveys neediness and works just fine if you want to be taken for granted.

Understand that all human beings grow tired of things that are easily available to them. Your man should be just a part of your reality, not your entire reality! He should know that if he is unreasonable, then you are ready to leave him and move on. This attitude will make him respect you more.

Don’t misinterpret this – do not threaten to ditch your man every time you guys have an argument! Just don’t approach your relationship from a point of neediness, approach it from a point of dignity. Do not lose track of your goals in life – they make you who you are.

2) Be his friend: You can prevent your relationship from turning into a perpetual struggle for control by forging a bond of friendship. Friends do not argue over petty issues and even if they do have disagreements, they still remain friends at the end of it all.


3) In the kitchen – be his mother: Learn to cook! You do not have to be Nigella Lawson in order to keep your man happy but conventional wisdom suggests that if you want to win a man’s heart, the route lies through his stomach. Don’t cook all his meals for him though; you are not his personal chef after all.

4) When you go out, be a supermodel: Put on your best appearance every time you guys go out. Men love it when their girlfriend looks stunning. It makes them feel manly!

5) In bed, be a sex goddess: Sex can never be bad – it is good even if it is bad! Still, you can turn every sexual encounter into a mind-blowing experience if you really want to. Be willing to try out new techniques, places, positions. There are hundreds of sexual positions but most couples are familiar with just 3 – missionary, woman on top and doggie style. You can make love in a different position every day of the year!

6) Keep the spark alive by being playful: Ask for small favors, be naughty and have fun. Consider this situation – your man is not particularly keen on cleaning the house. Most women will nag and pester him for being lazy. They will complain, they will call up his mother and will literally try to get under his skin.

You can bypass this unpleasant process by simply telling your man that you will grant him a surprise if he cleans up. This appeals to his curiosity and he gets to work like there is no tomorrow. The surprise can be anything from his favorite meal to a sexual favor!

Text the Romance Back as Seen on the Rachael Ray Show

If you carefully follow the advice mentioned above, you will become a strong, independent yet kind woman who has a great life, is a fantastic cook; is as playful and supportive as a friend, dresses like a supermodel and is a celestial nymphomaniac in bed! Now THAT’S how you keep a man happy!  🙂

Love, Deborah

P.S. – Any man who is not satisfied with such a wonderful woman doesn’t deserve her. He deserves to be dumped!  Want more?  Check out the simple but romantic text messages that gave Rachael Ray chills.

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Deborah is the owner of this site, a dating and relationship expert and a wife and mother to a wonderful husband and two twin girls.

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