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Attention Ladies: You cannot make a man fall in love with you until you are madly and hopelessly in love with yourself!

Capture his Heart and Make Him Love you Forever

Let those words sink into your head for a moment, we all love people who are comfortable in their own skin, people who are proud of who they are. In short, we all want to be with people who are happy and in control of their reality!

Are you a happy person?

Are you in control of your life?

If your answer was a resounding ‘YES’ to both those questions, then you are truly ready to give and to receive love.

If your answer was a No to either of those questions, then it is time to change. After all, how can you enhance somebody else’s life if you are bitter at your core?

How to Make Him Fall in Love with You

People will tell you that you should not change for other people but that does not stop you from changing for yourself. If making certain changes is going to make you a happier, better person; then you should definitely go for it! You will evolve into an improved version of yourself!

The first iPhone was a brilliant device but that did not stop Apple from improving upon the original version. If losing 20 pounds will make you feel great, then do it! You will still be you, only you will look smarter and younger and you will feel more confident and cheerful! If you don’t have money, stop fooling around on the internet and go get a job! If you are too lazy to improve, then it shows that you have very little self respect. Would you like to date a guy who has very little self respect? I hope you get the point!

Understand that some things are out of your control – you do not control your breast size, your height and other variables. So stop fretting over the things that you cannot control and concentrate on those that you can. For example: If you are short, that does not stop you from working out and getting in phenomenal shape! Simply dress for your body type and focus on doing the things that you love.

You might have not expected a lesson in self development when you began reading this article. You probably wanted to learn some lines that will make him want to propose. However, there is no particular magical combination of words that makes guys fall in love and even if there was, it wouldn’t work because the guy will detect incongruence in you. In short, if there is no alignment between what you feel, say and do; the words mean nothing – they are hollow and will have no or very little impact. Moreover, do you want a guy to fall in love with a fake version of yourself?

Having said all that, there are definitely many things that you can do to create and amplify attraction.

1) Don’t be afraid to showcase the real you: Get out of your head and relax! If youDon't be afraid to show off the real you keep contemplating upon every word that comes out of your mouth and every move you make with your body, you will fail to have a real interaction. Also, the guy will sense that you are being deliberate and this is a huge turn off! So stop trying so much and focus on enjoying the conversation.

2) Be unique: Do things that are unusual! Go fishing, horse riding, boating – focus on having a really GREAT time together, don’t settle for mediocre and average. If you do fabulous things together, then his mind will start associating YOU will great times, positive emotions, excitement etc.

3) Always be the first to end an interaction: This leaves him wanting for more.i-was-born-to-flirtDecrease the supply and the demand is bound to go up!

4) Flirt: Flirting shows that you are more interested in being just friends. It spurs him to chase you!

5) Withhold sex: Women have used this technique since time immemorial. However, understand that this is not to be mean to the guy. You simply want to make sure that he has feelings for you before the both of you end up making love. When a guy invests time and energy in a relationship, it proves that he is serious and will remain faithful. Consider a romantic movie; the protagonists usually kiss/get married/make love at the end of the movie. The romantic scene at the end is the climax. However, if you watch the climax before watching the rest of the movie, then you fail to have a real ‘experience’ and do not connect with film. The film does not remain memorable. All the fun of the movie is spoiled as you already know what happens at the end

.How to Make him Love You

6) Be kind: Do this always – even if you are not trying to seduce anybody!

7.) Want more? I recently reviewed an amazing book and series called “Capture his Heart”, by Claire Casey.   If you’re really sincere about making your boyfriend or any man fall in love with you (with no trickery) and see you for the wonderful woman than you are, I really think you’ll like this.  You can read more about it by clicking here.

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