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How to Make Him Want you More

All women desire to be desired! There is nothing else that makes a woman feel more special than the feeling of being loved and wanted. However, as you may have already realized, keeping your man’s attention focused on you is a full time job!

If your relationship has run out of steam or if you want it to escalate to a whole new level, check out the Dos and Don’ts mentioned below. These tips will make him want you more than ever before!

First, Let us concentrate on the don’ts:

Dont nag him1) Don’t be his mother! Men absolutely hate it when a woman tries to take away their freedom. If you call him ten times a day to make sure he is alright, then he will start avoiding you just as a rebellious teenager avoids his mother. Like women, men too like attention but if you overdo it, he will start taking you for granted. So the trick is to make him chase you instead of chasing him. A single well thought out and unexpected text message has a much better impact than meaningless texting throughout the day.

2) Don’t turn your relationship into a power struggle. Almost all women make this mistake. Don’t get into arguments over petty issues. The best way to resolve problems is through effective communication. A man will do anything for you if you ask him nicely. However, if you keep complaining, nagging and pestering him – he will simply grow tired of you.

Now let’s get to the Dos

1) It is said that women love through ears and a man loves through his eyes. So make an effort to look gorgeous as often as possible. Wear something daring and sexy! Make him feel proud of you. A man feels like a king when he has a smashing beauty by his side. If you want him to make you feel like a queen, then make him feel like a king!

2) Let him hang out with his friends: All men need some ‘boy time’. Sports, hanging out, video gams, drinks and even discussing (or arguing) about politcs, the economy and other ‘important stuff’ allows men to express themselves and to vent out some energy. If you try to prevent a man from hanging out with other guys, then you will end up with a sulky, irritable, edgy person and this will ruin your relationship.

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3) Do exciting things together. Be a little spontaneous. Change your daily routine. Go parasailing, boating or watch a concert. Don’t let things get boring and predictable. Surprise him by cooking his favorite food. Buy him a gift. Leave him notes – turn it into a game of treasure hunt! You can be the treasure.

4) Turn up the heat in the bedroom. Many women complain that men don’t pay enough attention in bed. However, the truth is that men really care about their sexual performance and some are literally obsessed about pleasing their woman. They learn and practice different techniques and are ready to explore newer positions and fantasies. On the other hand, many women make very little effort in bed. Don’t do this – get comfortable with your own body and be more adventurous in bed.

Make him want you more by giving him a long hug and kiss before he leaves. This will turn him on and he will be very eager to see you again!

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