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How to Make him Want you – Start with this Video


How to Make Him Want You

OK, so he makes you go weak in the knees every time you see him. You find yourself thinking about him in the day (and even at night!). You get butterflies in your stomach when he smiles at you.

Congrats girl, looks like you have been bitten by the love bug! Do you dream of him going down on one knee and placing that sparkling ring on your finger but don’t know how to make him want you? No problem, you will have him eating out of your hand if you implement the advice mentioned below.

1) Dress to impress! Ditch the boring clothes and put on some stylish outfits. Create a look that best matches your body type and personality. Wear something sexy but not overly outrageous. Sleazy outfits work well if you are looking for one night stands. However, if you want a serious relationship, then wear something that has oodles of class. Don’t forget the hair, make-up, shoes and the accessories. Dressing well will help you to catch his eye but more importantly, you will receive loads of compliments from your friends, co-workers and this will make you feel special and confident. Confidence is good; you are definitely going to need it!

2) Get yourself an irresistible perfume: Men absolutely adore women who smell nice! Sweet, fruity and floral notes work best if you are still in the flirting phase. Reserve musk and other intimate scents for the actual dates.

3) Demonstrate that you are ‘high value’ by being confident: The best way to do this is to focus on having a good time and not trying too much. If you are enjoying yourself, then this conveys that you are a happy, exciting person and thus anybody who becomes part of your life will experience excitement and joy!

4) Smile: Men love it when women smile at them. If you look ravishing and he perceives you to be high value, then simply MAKING EYE CONTACT and smiling at him is enough to make him want to approach and chase you.

5) The art of good conversation lies in the ability to listen. Men like to talk about themselves – so let him talk. Don’t grill him though – don’t keep firing question after question. The conversation should not feel like an interview. Turn a question into a statement. Talk about subjective topics like interests, dislikes, current events, travel, music, culture, CARS, SPORTS etc. Let him do 70 to 80 percent of the talking. This accomplishes two things. Firstly, it takes the pressure off you. You don’t have to think about interesting stories to impress him and secondly, when a man does most of the talking, he is investing in the relationship on a sub-conscious level. This makes him feel attracted towards you!

6) Develop a good sense of humor! Simply observing stand up comedians closely will help you to understand the basics of being funny and witty.

7) Touch him: Studies reveal that touching a person’s elbow generates attraction.  Try this, you’ll be surprised just how well it works!

8) Be the first to end all conversations and meetings. This puts you in the driver’s seat in the relationship and makes him want you to be with you.

9) Let him initiate conversations: Don’t be the first one to talk or call. Just smile or wave and let him come to you. Make him invest physically and emotionally in the relationship.

10) Create drama and escalate sexually by doing things like passing him notes, leaving him a gift, complimenting him, teasing him and so on.

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