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» How To Talk Dirty To Your Man

This could make New Years Eve EXTRA fun ;-)

Most people’s initial sexual experiences occur in places like hotel rooms, their parents’ basement, the back seat of a car (you get the idea) etc.

Well, being vocal while having sex in such places is very likely to cause embarrassment.

Then, there is also the fear of getting caught.

How To Sexually Attract Men

As a result, many people learn to remain absolutely silent during sex. If you are not talking dirty to your man, you are missing out on one of the vital aspects of sexual expression. Studies indicate that listening to and uttering sexual language causes transmission of the hormone dopamine and this results in a more intense and satisfying erotic experience. Research also suggests that most women simply don’t know what to say and hence they choose not to say anything at all.

I am here to help you to have the best sex that you possibly can and so I am actually going to teach you how to talk dirty to your man!

How To Talk Dirty To Your Man

Just let go and be spontaneous during foreplay and sex. Don’t over think things at this point. Enjoy the process with zero inhibitions and whatever you do, please do not think about what to say to your lover! If you let loose, you will notice that you automatically start making noises such as ahh, oooh, mmm, yessss and so on. These sounds let your partner know that he is doing the right thing.

Men like women who know what they want in and out of the bedroom. Tell your partner what you like and ask him to do it. Whisper it softly into his ears. Encourage him murmuring how good it feels. Ask him what he wants you to do to him. This is so simple and natural and yet most couples fail to do even this much. I like to call this ’emotional constipation’. You can never create true intimacy if you don’t communicate sexually with your man.

Understand that what you say does not matter as much as how you say it. You dirty talk vocabulary does not have to very expansive. It may consist of just a few phrases like Jesus Christ, harder, that feels no nice, keep doing it, fuck me etc. Even uttering these tried and tested phrases is enough to elevate your sex life to a whole new high. Eventually, you will become more confident and will learn to freestyle.

Dirty talk is all about being in the moment and having sexual confidence. So get comfortable with your body. Say what you feel, don’t hold back – talk about sex positions, fantasies, preferences, places, sexperiments. Pay compliments, it is the least you can do. Dirty talk does not have always have to be sexual. An innocuous line like – ‘I have something planned for you tonight’ is enough to create tremendous amounts of sexual tension. If you are really shy about the prospect of talking dirty, you might seek comfort in the fact that men actually really appreciate it when you talk dirty. It is music to their ears. After all, men obsess about pleasing their woman.

The next time you kiss your man, try saying ‘I really like the way you kiss me’. You will notice that after you have said this, your man kisses you even more enthusiastically and pays more attention to your pleasure. If you forget to say everything else, just say this – I am coming! This is the best thing that a woman can say to a man!  However, only say it when you are actually having an orgasm.  😉

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Posted on Dec 31, 2013

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