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We live in a world so advanced, that it has forgotten the basics of human interaction.

We know how to operate highly sophisticated gadgets; we read about and discuss seeming important and complicated matters such as philosophy, psychology, politics, business etc.

How To Rekindle A Relationship

However, as intelligent as we are, 99% of the population has no or just a vague idea about how attraction actually works!

This stuff is very basic – even primitive creatures know how to attract mates! It is ingrained in their instincts! As ironic and outrageous as it may sound, civilization actually interferes with our instincts and hampers our ability to understand social dynamics. We don’t have the mental clarity to see the real picture – our minds are simply too complex. Our perception of reality is distorted by ‘civilized’ notions such as morality, vanity, sexism, etiquette, culture and so on! We are obsessed about these ideas but we overlook the fundamentals – the truth is that attraction does not depend upon the way you dress or the amount of money you make. It does not depend upon your breast size, your ethnicity, your education and your family background. Sure, these things influence attraction to some degree but they do not govern it. Attraction runs much deeper than that and what matters most is the way you feel about yourself.

If you feel good about yourself and you like who you are – you automatically become very attractive to others!

OK, so what does this have to do with winning him back? Everything!

How To Win Him Back

Most women have pretty lame strategies for winning back their ex boyfriends.

  • They get drunk and then call their boyfriends in the middle of the night.
  • They cry over the phone and try to convince the guy to take them back.
  • Other women simply hope that if they ignore their ex for a sufficiently long period of time, he will come running to them like a dog!

As some of you may have already learnt the hard way, these strategies are pretty useless. They do not focus on the real reason for the break up. The bitter truth is that your boyfriend broke up with you because he did not feel attraction towards you! So the only way to get him back is to create attraction! No amount of begging, pleading and ignoring is going to work for you – You cannot logically convince a person to become attracted to you!

As we established in the first paragraph, if you are happy with who you are, then people become attracted to you. So instead of brooding over your break up, start focusing on the things that you enjoy. Stop sobbing and get out of the house. Meet new people, try out interesting activities and try not to think of your ex. I know that it sounds very hard, but you have to let go of what happened and move on. If you ever hope of winning over your ex, you have to become the fun loving, care fee girl that he fell in love with. He did not fall in love with an insecure, needy, desperate emotional wreck, did he?

Take some time off and then re-initiate contact in a friendly manner. Don’t talk about the break up – don’t talk about all the bad things that happened. Just be casual and friendly. Re-enter his life, earn his respect, attract him and win him back. It is very easy to re-attract a guy as long as you don’t need him (there is a difference between wanting and needing)! I have plenty of articles on how to attract men, check them out here if you need any further advice.

You can actually recreate attraction simply by textingclick here to watch a free video on how to text the romance back.

Posted on Feb 18, 2014

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