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People will tell you that long distance relationships almost never work out.

Well, you know what?

These people understanding NOTHING about love so stop listening to them.

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I believe that if you are truly committed to your partner, then long distance relationships can be as fulfilling as ‘normal’ relationships. (Even more fulfilling in some cases). Here are 4 advantages that long distance relationships (LDR) have over conventional relationships.

1) You do not grow tired of each other. Almost all people who live together or see each other very often begin to take each other for granted. They rarely go out, they stop trying to impress their partner and their routine is pretty mundane and unimaginative. In my opinion, a fun filled weekend can be much more satisfying than spending an entire week under one roof and mostly ignoring each other. What do you think?

2) When you do meet, your meetings have a tremendous sense of occasion. You actually take the trouble to go out and spend quality time together. Just as food is tastier if you are really hungry; similarly, seeing someone you love is more pleasurable after an absence.

3) You are very nice to one another. People who live together snap at each other for petty reasons such as forgetting to do the dishes, leaving a light on etc. However, when you do meet after a long time, you both are much more considerate and tolerant towards each other.

4) A long distance relationship is a great way to assess your true feelings for your partner. It is like a test for your devotion towards one another. This test can be brutal but the good news is that if you do manage to endure it, your love will become much stronger and you will find the experience to be emotionally liberating. Here is a good analogy – when you work out a certain muscle, you actually tear it down. When these tears heal, the muscle becomes stronger and bigger than before.

Long Distance Relationship Advice

Long Distance Relationship Advice

Having said all that, it is hard to deny that long distance relationships are quite challenging.

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If you follow my advice, then you can overcome these challenges without much difficulty. Below are some precious tips that will help you get through the trying times.

1) Compensate for the lack of face time by keeping in touch via messaging, phone calls and video calls. Video calling services such as Skype are free and they are an absolute boon for people who live apart. Of course, they do not beat the real thing but still, they are better than having to wait for a pigeon!

2) The biggest issue with LDRs is the lack of sex. However, there is a way to circumvent this problem and it actually helps you learn to express yourself much more freely during sex. Phone sex and masturbation during video calling is something that many people have never tried. If you are among these people, then I suggest that you give it a go. You will be amazed at how erotic the experience can be. You both will explore a completely different dimension of sex and will open up to each other a lot more. You are encouraged to put on a ‘sex show’ for your man. He will be blown away by your sexual confidence! I know that virtual sex can never replace the real thing but it is enough to prevent sexual frustration and cheating. Throw in a sex-toy in the mix and you are really up for some fun!

3) Schedule: Since you do not see your partner very often, set aside free time for his visits. This will ensure that you will be free of other commitments and will solely devote all your attention towards him.

4) Send gifts to each other: It is hard to describe the joy and the elation that one experiences upon receiving a gift from a loved one. This joy is even more intense if that loved one is far away. If you cannot send a gift for some reason, then perform romantic gestures such as sending him a list of songs that make you think of him.

5) You can still do many things together such as watching movies, sharing meals (video calling helps), reading books. Share your experiences!

6) Don’t forget to pay a surprise visit. It will be well worth it! Also, I am going to assume that you want to live together in the future. (or atleast in the same city) So make plans for getting together and tell your partner about them. Hope can help you to beat even the toughest circumstances!

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Posted on Feb 1, 2014

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