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Should I Get Back With My Ex? Ah, that is a difficult question and I am going to answer it with another question. 

Does your ex boyfriend deserve to be with you?

Should I get back with my Ex Boyfriend?

Give it a deep thought – take your time with this one. I cannot provide you with a definite answer since I don’t know what kind of person your ex is. However, the very fact that you are contemplating the matter indicates that deep down, you want to get back with him – which means that you probably still love him.

Should you move on or should you give it another shot?

Well, that is your decision to make, not mine. All I can say is that it is not worth it if your ex -boyfriend has problems with substance abuse, is violent, is involved in illegal activity, has mental issues and/or has a tendency to cheat. On the other hand, if you feel that he is a genuinely good, loving, considerate guy who deserves you – then there is no harm in trying, is there?

I have no knowledge of the exact reason of your break up but over the years, I have studied and resolved hundreds of relationship problems. I have observed that there one major reason for break ups – loss of attraction. A guy is ready to endure the worst of circumstances as long as he is truly attracted to his girlfriend. However, once attraction is lost, the guy loses interest – he begins to perceive the relationship as a burden. He becomes distant, grumpy and is also very likely to cheat on the girl. The girl confronts the guy – the matter becomes sour and unpleasant. The relationship comes to a tumultuous end!

The good news is that reconciliation is possible in many cases – as long as you follow my advice to the exact letter. Technically, my method is fool proof – it fails only when you give in to your emotions and don’t follow my advice. You see, attraction is a science – the laws of attraction are as consistent as the law of gravity! There is no escaping them. Can your ex boyfriend resist gravity? Of course not! (OK, no naughty thoughts here!)

Below is my proven step by step approach for getting back with your ex.

1) Forget all about your ex and enjoy life. I know that this is hard but do it anyway. Surround yourself with the people who love you and engage in activities that make you happy. Meet other men – it will do your confidence a world of good! You have to start feeling sexy and feminine once again. You cannot hope of re-attracting your ex if you are needy, insecure, unhappy and despondent.

2) Initiate contact with your ex. Be casual and friendly. Watch this free video on what exactly to text him in order to recreate romance.

3) Get your ex to meet you for something low pressure such as a coffee or a walk. Don’t talk about the break up or the things that led to it. Say that you cherish the good memories and would like to be friends.

4) Now that you are officially friends, flirt with your guy and attract him. You attracted him before and you can definitely do it again. Read this article on ‘how to attract men’. You can also watch this free presentation.

5) Understand that it is almost impossible for a man to be just friends with a woman – men are genetically hardwired to be in very well defined relationships with women. So there is no danger of you being friend zoned.

You can rekindle the fire of love simply by texting. Check out this free video on how to text your ex back.  Might seem silly, but it’s VERY powerful and I have experienced that FIRST hand.

Now go get him! 🙂
<3 Deb

Posted on Feb 13, 2014

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Deborah is the owner of this site, a dating and relationship expert and a wife and mother to a wonderful husband and two twin girls.