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Let me show you 15 Text the Romance Back examples you’ll learn in this course:

Michael Fiore on Rachael Ray Show discussing 'text the romance back'

Click “Play” to watch and listen to this video while you read the example texts below

You’re obviously here because of your interest in”Text the Romance Back” by Michael Fiore.  Well, unlike many people – I actually did purchase the product in order to give it a proper review for you. While I can’t give you the entire course for free, I can give you a few example texts to show a glimpse of what’s in the course.  Check them out below.

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: It’s important that you understand that just a few text messages are NOT going to fix your love life, these texts are only EXAMPLES from this vast course.

This course covers a full 30 day system to put the spark back into your relationship (or put the spark into a new one).  I HIGHLY recommend you purchase the course here. This course covers SO much, it’s hard to put it into 15 quick examples.

BEFORE YOU CONTINUE – Let me send you THREE Magic Texts you can use TONIGHT!

This is NOT just a “copy and paste the text” course, you learn to craft your OWN text messages like the one that worked on Rachael Ray when being demonstrated live on her show.  (View the Rachael Ray clip here)


Keep in mind, the course does NOT just give you a list of text messages to send – but helps you craft them yourself so they come from YOUR own heart, not the authors.  Keeping that in mind, Here are a FEW Examples from the MANY Sections of the course:

Text the Romance Back Samples

Appreciation Texts:

“What I’ve always loved about you is. . . ”
“I really appreciate. . . ”

Jenny: “One of the things I really love about you is how loyal you are. You’re such a good friend to people and it’s so great to know that you’re in my corner.”

Sensual Compliment Texts:

“I can’t stop thinking about your. . . ” (Body part or trait.)
“You have the most wonderful. . . ” (TRAIT. Bonus points for adding the EFFECT IT HAS ON YOU)

Jenny: “I’m sitting at my office thinking about the little gasp you make when we make love. . . =-)”

Curiosity Magnets:

Here are a few of my favorite Curiosity Magnets you can use right away. . .
“I can’t stop thinking about. . . =-)”
“So. . . =-)”
“You are so. . . =-)”

You’ll even learn a simple 1, 2, 3 punch type of text you can send just using the
three concepts we’ve learned so far, sorry – can’t give away ALL the good stuff 🙂

Bait Questions:

Here’s a few Bait Questions to get you started:

Note that some of these work better for singles and some work better when you’re in a trusting relationship. Oddly enough, a lot of
folks find it easier to ask strangers these questions than somebody you love.

“If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be? =-)”
(Optional: add “and with who?”)

“When was the last time you felt truly, undeniably, ridiculously happy?”

Private Whispers (for when you’re out, but want to send a sexy discreet text):

Some other examples you can use are things like:

“You smell delicious.”
“I wish we were alone right now so I could. . . ” (You don’t even need to finish the thought if you don’t want.)
“It’s torture not being able to touch you right now. =-)”

Guess what?

These are only a “TINY portion” of what you’ll learn in “Text the Romance back”. 

There are SO many, I realized I was giving away TOO many examples in my OWN review and had to remove some!

If you want to know more about Flirty Text Messages and how to use texting to revolutionize your love life, I think you’ll really enjoy ‘Text the Romance Back‘ – you can pick it up HERE and start the romancing tonight!

You’ll not only get some GREAT example texts you can use, but you’ll learn how to craft your OWN for maximum impact.  This is NOT just a  “copy and paste” formula, however it’s quite powerful and even worked on Rachael Ray when being demonstrated live on her show.  (View the Rachael Ray clip here)


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You read my FULL Text the Romance Back Review here

<3 Deborah

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