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Hey Ladies, Deb here – thanks so much for stopping by to check out my Text the Romance Back Review.  I picked up Text the Romance Back – by Michael Fiore last week, and spent a good part of the weekend going through it in order to give YOU the truth.

What is ‘Text the Romance Back’ REALLY about?

I’m SO glad you asked! 🙂  ‘Text the Romance Back’ is an intensive guide to help men and women put the spark back into their relationship using simple text messages.  This course was actually featured on the Rachel Ray Show (see that clip here), where Michael demonstrated to surprising effect.  If you HAVEN’T seen it yet, it’s worth a watch.

Text the Romance Back Review

That worked on me and he’s not even mine… I got chills! Rachael Ray, The Rachael Ray Show

BEFORE YOU CONTINUE – Let me send you THREE Magic Texts you can use TONIGHT!

Anyways, in ‘Text the Romance Back’ – Michael Fiore teaches both men AND women how to use silly little text messages to put the ‘sizzle’ back into their relationship no matter HOW long they’ve been together for, and no matter how ‘bad’ it’s gotten. This course gives it’s customers very in-depth knowledge and information as to how to compose flirty text messages, build up attraction and even renew relationships through sexy and personalized messages (not sexting). It comes with:

  • Text the Romance Back 2.0 Ebooks (PDF & Kindle Format)
    • Text the Romance Back 2.0 – 146 PAGES
      • Part 1 – What you Need to Know Before you Text (way too much to break down in this review)
      • Part 2 – The 30 Day Program Revealed
      • Part 3 – Variations
        • Long Distance Love
        • Text Dating and Text Flirting
        • Final Thoughts
    • Crib Sheet – 27 Pages
    • I like Myself Worksheet – 9 Pages
    • FAQ Sheet – 18 Pages
  • Text the Romance Back Audio Book
    • Core Concepts
    • FAQs
    • Intro
    • Part 1 – What you Need to Know Before you Text
    • Part 2 – The Text The Romance System Revealed
    • Part 3 – Variations
    • Week 1 – Appreciation Texts and Sensual Compliments
    • Week 2 – Curiosity Magnets and Bait Questions
    • Week 3 – Relationship Time Machine and Text Message
    • Week 4 – Private Whispers and Digital Foreplay
  • 30 Day Digital Relationship Transformer
  • Simple text messages that gave Rachael Ray chills
  • Includes special bonus – “Facebook Romance Secrets”, which teaches you how to use social media to reignite the “spark” in your relationship
Text the Romance Back PDF Screen Shot - Click for full size image

Text the Romance Back PDF Screen Shot – Click for full size image

When reviewing it, i was QUITE surprised at just HOW effective these texts were. I can DEFINITELY see why Rachael Ray said “this gave me chills” when this was demonstrated live on her show.

I used a few of these on MY husband as well, and I’ll tell you ladies – they work 😉

All in all, I HIGHLY recommend this courseRachael Ray vouching for it was definitely a good sign for me – but I REALLY fell in love with this course after purchasing it for myself and using it on my own husband (without his knowledge, lol).

Download your copy here, and comment below and let me know what you think!


Love, Deb

P.S. View some Text the Romance back Examples here!

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