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Hey all, Deb here, thanks so much for stopping by to check out my Text your Ex Back Review.  I really appreciate you’re taking the time to stop by and read what I have to say.

As you all know, I NEVER review a product unless I purchase it and go through it myself.  That was EXACTLY what I did with Text your Ex Back by Michael Fiore, and as you can see by the screen shot above – I did indeed get the product! 🙂  Take a look at the members area screen shot and the Text your Ex Back Examples below.

Text Your Ex Back Members Area Screen Shot

Click image to View Full Sized Text your Ex Back Members Area Screenshot

Click image to View Full Sized Text your Ex Back Members Area Screenshot

Text your Ex Back Examples

WARNING: Here are a few text your ex back examples – but you NEED to understand THAT text your ex back consists of 11 modules that not only help you by telling you WHAT to say, but help you understand WHY you’re saying it.

Having said that, DON’T just send these examples to your ex and hope for them to want you back right away.

I am considering not even LISTING these here because I don’t want people under the false assumption that one or two text messages can fix a broken relationship.

I HIGHLY urge you to purchase Text your Ex Back 2.0 for yourself, otherwise you might be at an impasse and be uncertain of what to say if he responds positively to these texts.

Having said that, here are a few example texts from the FIRST portion of this course:

  • I just stumbled onto this old copy of Brave New World and it made me think of you for the first time in a while. Puta smile on my face =-).
  • I’m headed out to Mount Rainier this weekend–reminds me of that crazy winter camping trip we did.
  • New sushi joint just opened on 34th street near where you work. Thought you’d like to know since you love ikura so much!

Keep in mind, one or two texts will NOT fix a relationship – you want to learn WHY you broke up and what you’re going to say BEFORE you start texting.  (Plus, you want to make sure it doesn’t get messed up again) The reason this course is so important is because it teaches you the REAL reason you’ve failed to get your ex to come back to you so far…and how you can fix it.

You need to LEARN to customize each text to YOUR situation – if you don’t you could just end up making things worse unless you TRULY understand WHAT you’re sending and WHY you’re sending it. Pick up Text your Ex Back for yourself so you’re not at a loss as to what to say, when to say it, and how often (or not) to text your ex.

The ‘Text your Ex Back’ members area consists of 11 main modules:

Module 1 – Introduction – Obviously the introduction goes into the basics of the course and covers what you’ll be learning.

Module 2 – The Dumper and the Dumped – In this module, they go into details and help you realize the REAL reason why you and your ex broke up – and they even go over what the ‘conversation’ in your ex’s mind is about YOU. You will start finding the fuel you need to put your plan into action, using simple text messages to seduce her or him back into your life, and ideally have them think it was their own idea. The key question for this module is this: Why did you break up – really?

Module 3 – The Big Goal – In this module, you can progress to the next step–visualizing the overall outcome you want from Text Your Ex Back. Michael Fiore calls this the Big Goal. I like to say, “You can’t hit the target until you paint it on the wall.” So get out your paint bucket.

Module 4 – Flight Check – In this module, Michael explains that Just by answering the questions I’ve given you so far, you’ve taken massive steps towards getting your ex back and having a better relationship than you ever thought possible. But we’re not ready for takeoff just yet. There are a few crucial things you need to do first. These are the final steps you need to take before you can begin to successfully Text Your Ex Back.

Module 5 – Text Judo – In this module, you will learn about Text Judo, the proven cornerstone of Text Your Ex Back – as the previous modules do, this comes with a few PDFS as well as audio and Video files.

You’ll learn the different phases and TYPES of texts you’ll be using as seen by this screen shot from this portion (I probably should NOT be sharing so much with you gals! LOL)

Text Judo - Text your Ex Back Examples

You’ll learn ALL about these texts AND how to compose them and use them in this course. 

Module 6 – Across the Bow – THIS module is important – you will discover the first type of text you will send once you have completed the program–the Across the Bow Text. You’ll get some examples of how to use it to get the conversation started with your ex, and how often to text them until you get a response.

Module 7 – Prepping the Soil – By this time, You may be asking, “Is this where I finally try to get my ex back?” The answer is definitely NO. It’s pretty darn unlikely that the time is ripe for real-world reconnection. After all, you just started contact. Instead, you’re trying to plant positive thoughts and emotions in your ex’s mind so they start thinking about you in a positive way. And emotional language makes those good times feel as real as possible… 🙂

Module 8 – The Green-Eyed Monster – Jealousy, the green-eyed monster – do you see where this module is going?  This module covers something VERY powerful, How to use jealously in a positive way –  BUT you need to be careful so it doesnt backfire, pay attention to this module very carefully 🙂

Module 9 – Planting the Seeds. – In this module you’ll learn to use the power of memory recall to bring up strong, positive, almost irresistible emotions in your ex

Module 10 – Reaping the Harvest – In THIS module you get introduced to “attraction texts” and how to use them.  But the fact of the matter is that sex is a huge part of most successful  relationships. Heck, sex might even be why you and your ex broke up in the first place (lack of sex, bad sex, weird sexual compatibility, cheating …you get the idea). And it’s a FANTASTIC way to get into your ex’s emotional brain and bring them closer to you as explained very thouroughly in this module.

Module 11 – Texting Steady – Here you are at the end of the Text Your Ex Back program. As you probably figured out by now, this program is about a lot more than texting.  It’s about getting closer to the person you love, accepting them for who they are, inviting them to accept you for who you are, and laying the groundwork and foundation for a stronger and better relationship.  This module helps to sum that up, and really gives you that motivation and drive.

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Text Your Ex Back 2.0 – my Review

I was actually shocked by what Text your Ex Back 2.0- had to offer – to sum it up, Michael Fiore teaches you how to get your ex back by using text messages.

He gives you detailed guidance on which texts to send: how many, how often, and all the details you will need to win your ex back. I was really impressed with this course and how it was put together.

All together, you get Over eight hours of audio and video training in this Intensive 2-week course. It’s a lot of information, but NEVER overwhelming.

Trust me, you WILL be anxious and excited to get started once you purchase the course – but make sure you take the time to go through the modules and do WHAT they say WHEN they say.  Don’t skip ahead and look for example texts to send until you understand WHY first, as the course explains. One thing in particular that I LOVED about the course is that it includes a complete and FULLY interactive members area where users can ask questions, leave comments, and even chat with others who are also going through the program.

Text your Ex Back Examples

There are also, of course,  over 100 text message examples that customers will use as templates when crafting their own “ex back” texts.

At any rate, I truly enjoyed Text your Ex Back and I feel you will too. You can pick it up from their official website here

Download Text your Ex Back

Any questions, let me know in the  comments below – I answer each one! 🙂

<3 Deb

P.S. If you DO purchase plan on purchasing Text your Ex Back and enjoyed my review, I’d be grateful if you purchased it via my affiliate link here.  I did purchase the product myself in order to give YOU an honest review after all 🙂

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