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Relationships are not entirely comprised of sweet kisses, passionate love-making, roses and wine.

Often, the ride gets bumpy and you find yourself wondering ‘Is all this stress really worth it?’

Relationship Problems

Do you really need to battle through the challenges when you can end it all and seek happiness with someone else?

Well, that depends totally on you but here is one thing I promise you. No matter how sweet or tender or loving your man is, you are bound to encounter relationship problems – they are inevitable. Your commitment, patience, tolerance and temperament will be tested to their limit. So instead of complaining about your problems incessantly, you should treat them like a learning experience and more importantly, you should make conscious endeavors to eliminate them. Below are 5 of the most common relationship problems and their solutions.

 1) Misunderstandings: There is just one cause of misunderstandings and that is a lack of communication. I advise you to set aside a time for addressing the issues that concern the both of you. Don’t play blame games and try to come to a solution instead. If you belong to the category of people who cannot ;talk’ without screaming like idiots, go sit down at a public place such as a coffee shop. Hopefully, you will be too embarrassed to create scene there and if you do, you will be thrown out!

2) Feeling used: Making sacrifices is a part and parcel of relationships. These can include household chores, giving up a certain habit, not getting to watch your favorite show etc. Here is one simple trick which you can use to make your man do almost anything. Instead of nagging and pestering him to perform a certain task, offer him something in return for it. Your ‘return gift’ can be anything from a sexual favor to cooking his favorite meal or visiting his mom and so on. Bypass arguments and turn the whole thing into a game. You will be amazed at the things your man will do you if only you know how to ask the right way! wink

3) Infidelity: Men have an instinctual urge to cheat and so do women (women deny this ‘accusation’ fiercely but statistics suggest otherwise, so shut up!) We humans get bored very easily constantly need new experiences to keep ourselves entertained. This is true both in and out of the bedroom. You do have the choice of embracing your instincts – many couples have agreed to err….swing. They do love each other but enjoy sex with multiple partners. However, this lifestyle suits only a miniscule percentage of the populace. (I am sure that you are already frowning at it!). So if you want to remain exclusive to each other or rather, if don’t want your man to cheat upon you, then you have to really turn the heat on in the bedroom. Your sex life does not simply need to be good; it needs to be staggeringly wonderful! Jeff, feel free to include a link to a sex guide here.

4) We don’t have time for each other: Make an appointment with your man if you have to, but please do not stop going out on dates!

5) Anger: This is the number one enemy of your relationship. When we are angry, we say and do things that we do not mean. Our words and actions can hurt others deeply and cause permanent scarring. So I strongly suggest that you both take active steps to manage your anger. Try to identify thought patterns and conversational paradigms that make you angry and avoid them. Meditate – even 3 minutes per day can do wonders to your temperament. Seek help if you are prone to substance abuse.

Overcoming hurdles together will enable you to bond even stronger with each other. Have you thought of romantic text messaging?  Try Sending a “Curiosity Magnet” text like you learn in “Text The Romance Back” (I did a full review of that product here)- this is GREAT training for those who want to learn how to text better, or want to re-kindle the romance in their current relationship and I HIGHLY recommend it!

Posted on Feb 2, 2014

About the Author

Deborah is the owner of this site, a dating and relationship expert and a wife and mother to a wonderful husband and two twin girls.