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Before you begin your rant about how all men are not the same and how each man is unique in his own way, let me tell you that while there is some truth to the statement that all men are different, they have more similarities than differences.

Understanding Men by means of the Male Brain

This guide is your window to the male brain. I believe that by the end of this article you will have a much deeper understanding of men. However, do not expect to know the answer to why some men pee in the bathroom sink when there is a toilet right next to them! That one is too tough to figure out, even for me!

Here are the 5 truths about men that all women should know

1) Men are fiercely competitive
Competing and more importantly, winning helps to gain the respect of other men and the admiration of other women. In earlier times, winning was associated with killing a large animal so that the village could eat. Today, winning can be equated with financial abundance and fame. Winning makes a man more masculine than other men; it makes him more desirable. A man who is desired by many women and feared by men gets to pass on his genes. Ah, men are so predictable!

2) Men have very big egos:
They have more of the hormone testosterone. This hormone makes them more aggressive. Before civilization, men went out to hunt and competed with other groups of men for land and other resources. In such times, being aggressive was the difference between life and death. A man with a frail ego and no courage was a dead man! This is the reason why men find it very hard to make themselves vulnerable. You will notice that if you try to help a woman who is facing a crisis, she will be grateful but if you do the same to a man, he might be offended!

3) Men are very direct:
Men do not like to beat about the bush. They don’t over think things. They go after what they want and this stems from the fact that they are natural hunters, adventurers and explorers. Men become obsessed with a problem. Studies have shown that women like to talk about problems because it sends emotions through their body (example: gossip). However, men have this tendency to fix a problem and so they perceive even a trivial problem to be a challenge. Since men become so focused on one thing, they are not very adept at multitasking. So don’t be offended if your man doesn’t respond to you when he is watching football. Understand that watching football and talking with you at the same time is too much for his brain to process!

4) Men are more visual:
They believe what they see. Women, on the other hand are more imaginative and in touch with their other senses. This is because of the simple truth that men are more practical and women are more emotional. Men also have a better sense of orientation as they often roamed over vast territories in search of food. Women stayed behind to look after the children and thus their sense of orientation is less developed. However, even though men may be more visual, their perception of color is much poorer than that of women. This is because women picked fruits and learned to distinguish between ripe and raw fruits based on their color.

5) Men bond through actions
Women bond through words: What do women do when they get together? They talk and gossip. Men absolutely hate gossip; they ‘just don’t get it’. They need something more physical and challenging.

Another thing that you might want to know is that men find it much more difficult to remain ‘just friends’ with women although this does not mean that every man you know has a crush on you.

Also, men are hopelessly bad with children. A woman knows everything about her children. She knows all about their school, sports days, best friends, their fears and even about their relationships. A man, on the other hand, has a vague awareness that some short people are living in his home! 🙂

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