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Hmmm…now that is a complex question.

In fact, I feel that it can rival Shakespeare’s dilemma about being or not being!

Should you rekindle an old flame or not?

To Rekindle an Old Flame, Or Not...

However, I am pretty sure that I have the answer to this rather subjective question; even though it required quite a bit of thinking on my part.

This one had even me thinking for a while.

First of all – Let us rephrase the question into – Should you get back with your ex or not, or should you try to revive a dying relationship?

In either case, the answer is another question.


WHY do you want to get back with your ex? Is it because you have no other options or does he really deserve you?

A breakup is an emotionally draining experience and no woman can think straight if she is experiencing emotional starvation.

You are emotionally famished – you are in a state of neediness and scarcity.

You crave being close to someone. You need a man to to feel normal.

Needless to say, such a period is not a very good time to make an important decision. You are not mentally balanced and are likely to act impulsively. I like spontaneity in relationships – but I prefer spontaneity that arises out of appreciation, not insecurity!

So if you want an honest answer to your question, you need to stop crying over your breakup.

You need to start enjoying life and immerse yourself into the dating world. Start seeing other men; consider how they make you feel.

Do you still miss your ex boyfriend even though you have several guys chasing you?

You will never know unless you experience the emotions first hand. So go out and have fun for a few days. This will help you to get in tune with your true feelings for your ex.

If you still feel attracted to your ex even though you have the attention of other men, then your answer is YES. You should rekindle that old flame after all. Watch this free presentation on texting the romance back – it’s a GREAT way to get things going again, and even wowed Rachael Ray when used LIVE on her show! (See the Rachael Ray Clip Here)

If you no longer feel attached to your ex and are ready to move on, then great! I have several articles on how to attract men! Spend some time on this website and you will become the woman that attracts men even when she’s not trying to.

If you’re wondering about how to inject some excitement into your boring relationship, then here is your answer in a few simple words:

  • The initial phase of the relationship is the most exciting phase.
  • The man and the woman make an effort to impress each other.
  • They go out to interesting places; they take care of their appearance and so on. After a while, they become comfortable with each other and stop trying to actively seduce their partner.
  • Thus the relationship becomes stale and mundane. The key to making a relationship exciting is to stop nagging and complaining and doing the things that you did in the initial phase of the relationship.

Show him glimpses of the woman that he fell in love with and he will turn into the cute, funny, romantic and handsome guy that you admire and missed so much!

You can bring back the romance simply by typing text messages. Want to know how? Watch this free video!

Posted on May 22, 2014

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Deborah is the owner of this site, a dating and relationship expert and a wife and mother to a wonderful husband and two twin girls.