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Top 10 Dating & Relationship Experts (for women)top-10

Believe it or not, I’ve had my own mentors and people I’ve followed over the years.

Below is a list of MY top 10 Dating & Relationship Experts, in no particular order.

  1. Michael Fiore – I’ve been following Michael Fiore for quite some time, he’s been a dating coach helping both men and women for quite a few years now.  He appeared on “The Rachael Ray” show in 2011 to discuss his then new program ‘text the romance back‘ (which to this day is still a top seller).  He’s got a full line of amazing books products such as Text the Romance back and Text your Ex Back (I have a full list of his products here).  He updates his blog on a semi-regular basis, including both articles and videos from himself and other relationship experts such as Claire Casey and most recently, myself!
  2. Renee Piane – “The Love Designer”.  I like this gal, She’s got an amazing blog located at, and discusses such topics as age and dating, Singles Parties and social events for professional singles and more.
  3. The Gals at The Frisky – Not just one writer, they’ve got staff writers, they’ve got guest authors – their stuff is AMAZING, funny, cheeky and relevant.  I highly recommend you check out their blog!  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…you get the idea! 🙂
  4. David Wygant – David gives quality dating advice to both men AND women, and has been featured on The Millionaire Matchmaker, askmen, E Entertainment News, MTV, NBC, Fox & The Huffington Post.  Basically, he’s one of the experts go to experts and he knows his stuff. His blog is updated 3-4 times per week with amazing and insightful articles and posts geared towards both men and women alike.  To give you an idea of what he talks about on his blog,  a few of his recent posts are “the Saga of Modern Dating”, “What Men Find Sexy Revealed” and “Beware of Dating Mr. Broken Promises!”  I HIGHLY recommend you give his blog a look over!
  5. Marni Battista – this fine lady runs, she is a life coach, a dating coach and an all around wonderful human being.   She updates her blog about twice a month (though i’d like to see more from her) and discusses such topics as “dating after 40” and “why he didn’t ask you out on a second date”.  Powerful stuff, definitely geared towards those looking for long term relationships, and not just a one night stand.
  6. Even Marc Katz – as you’ve no doubt figured out, I’ve got a fairly even list of men and women on this list.  It’s VERY important to not just listen to one persons thoughts and philosophy, but take in advice from multiple people. I enjoy hearing how men think about things, but I also like hearing from women who have “been there” (such as myself LOL).  Anyways, this gentleman’s mission is to help you “Understand Men and Find Love” – short and simple and it’s why I like him!  He’s got a blog located at and covers such topics as “why couples stay happily married”, and “how to tell your clingy boyfriend he’s driving you crazy (without pushing him away)”
  7. April Beyer -Her motto is simple, “Helping Smart Women Be Smart about Love” and she definitely delivers on that.  She’s been featured on such shows as Good Morning America, Dr. Phil as well as the Early Show.  She’s definitely another of the go to experts for the experts!  Granted, you might not be looking for a dating COACH but just solid dating advice., she can help with that too and updates her blog a few times per month.  You can check out her blog at
  8. Annie Gleason – Essentially, Annie specializes in coaching midlife singles.  She’s got an amazing blog that she updates a few times a month at  She’s definitely worth checking out if you’re single in the prime (middle) of your life. 🙂 A few of her recent blog posts are “How Facebook Could be Sabotaging Your Relationship”, and “How to Tell if You Are Ready for a Relationship”.
  9. Tracey Steinberg – She just came out with a new book (Flirt For Fun & Meet The One: Dating Secrets From The Dateologist) and it’s AMAZING.  Ryan Seacrest said this about her new book: “You now have an instruction manual on how to find a partner!”.  Tracy has been featured and seen in MensHealth, CBS, OnAir with Ryan Seacrest and a slew of others.  She’s got a WONDERFUL blog that she updates a few times per week at and covers things such as “good first date ideas” and “her 5 favorite flirting tips”
  10. Adam LoDolce -Adam’s mission is to help YOU date the right type of “qualified confident” guys, get pursued by more attractive and succesful men, and how to get the right guy to commit at the RIGHT time. Adam has been featured on MTV, Glamour, Cosmo, New York Magazine, and CNN as a dating leader for the 21st century woman.  He’s got a pretty clever blog that he updates regularly at and talks about such topics as 5 Signs He’s Emotionally Attracted Versus Physically Attracted  and 15 Signs You’re Dating a Crazy Guy.

My Favorite Relationship Guides for Women

I’ve had quite a few people email me after reading this list asking me for recommendations on relationship guides written SPECIFICALLY for women.  Well, depending on your need and in no particular order – I usually recommend:

  1. What Men Secretly Want
  2. Text the Romance Back
  3. Text your Ex Back

I SINCERELY hope the above Relationship Experts and guides can help you out.  As always, if you have any questions please let me know!

About the Author

Deborah is the owner of this site, a dating and relationship expert and a wife and mother to a wonderful husband and two twin girls.