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What Attracts Men To Women?

Men are attracted to women who look fabulous and sexy but you already knew that, didn’t you?

What Attracts Men To Women?

So if you don’t already look the part, I suggest that to start eating clean and working out hard – not just because you will become more attractive to men, but because you will feel absolutely great about yourself!

Feeling good about yourself is absolutely indispensable if you want men to feel good about you.

You see, when it comes to long term relationships, men and women basically have the same needs. True, men are drawn towards women who look good, but then, every woman can look good if she really wants to. Also, aren’t women attracted to men who look good too?

Good looks are a sign of good health and being attracted to healthy people makes sense from an evolutionary perspective. However, studies indicate that in the context of serious relationships, men place a higher importance on a woman’s personality traits (such as attitude, kindness etc.) and her smile than on her body type. So while wearing a very short dress with a plunging neckline will get you lots of masculine attention, it is definitely not the way to win a man’s heart.

The one trait that makes you irresistibly attractive to men and to people in general is – high social value.

What does high social value mean?

Well, let me explain with the help of an example: Brad Pitt has higher social value than a guy who works at a regular job. Brad has more money, he knows many influential people, he is famous, he has a great life etc.

This does not mean that you have to a celebrity or a politician or a wealthy businessperson to demonstrate high social value (although it helps). You can be a normal person and still have exceptional social value by doing things that are exciting and fun.

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You see, we are in awe of the rich and famous because their lives are more eventful and interesting. On the other hand, most ordinary people live really boring lives – they go to work, watch TV, eat junk food and get drunk on the weekends. Every day, they basically do the same things and interact with the same people – which is absolutely fine if you are happy with your life.

But if not, you should start living more passionately!

Do things that genuinely please you and you will automatically expand your social circle. Work hard for that promotion, take up a new hobby, save up for an exotic vacation, learn new skills, expand the horizons of your mind and your life.

You will feel wonderful and your confidence will skyrocket.

Once you begin to feel awesome, attracting men will become second nature.

Kind of deep, huh? I want you to understand that becoming attractive to men involves growing and maturing as a human being, not simply learning new pickup lines!

Another very significant trait that makes women more attractive is ‘non neediness’.

We all want the things that we cannot have easily. Sounds pretty lame but it is true!

Be honest, are you attracted to guys who cling to you?


You want the guy who is confident, sure of himself, has a great life and who doesn’t need you!

However, it is very difficult to demonstrate ‘non neediness’ if that is not what you feel. You really have to not need a person if you want to be congruent in your thoughts and your actions.

Don’t get me wrong – It is absolutely fine to want a person; there is a fine line between wanting and needing. The only way to remain ‘non needy’ is to have high social value – it is hard for you to desperately need somebody if you are already having lots of fun! You have plenty of friends, many men want to date you, your life is amazing, you look stunning, you are being validated in all aspects of your life, you are an alpha woman – men will pick up on this and they will instantly feel an inexplicable desire to want to impress you.

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Posted on Jan 3, 2014

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Deborah is the owner of this site, a dating and relationship expert and a wife and mother to a wonderful husband and two twin girls.