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What Do Men Want? You MIGHT be surprised!

While it may seem that men only care about the physical appearance of a woman, it is not entirely true.

Being beautiful is enough to make a man want to sleep with you; but it is not enough to make him want to have a long term relationship with you. If you want men to fall head over heels in love with you, a big butt and a skimpy outfit will just not cut it.

What do Men Want?

True, men rate looks highly and so you should definitely work out and make an effort to look good as often as you can. However, remember that good looks will get you through the door at best! They are useful in grabbing a man’s attention, but not enough to win his heart.

So what is it that men really want?

The answer is very simple actually. We all want the things that we cannot get easily.

The same applies to men – they want a woman who (they think) is out of their league. They want a challenge. They want to rise to the occasion – it makes them feel masculine. Men are naturally hardwired to chase and conquer. This trait can be identified in everything that they do (playing video games for example). In fact, this instinct of chasing and conquering has shaped the history of our world and still continues to do so. What men cannot have, they immediately find to be desirable. In fact, looks don’t even matter too much.

Don't be Needy

Convey a Higher Social Status

In order to become desirable to other men, you have to become a woman with a high social status. How can you convey high status? The most obvious way to do so would be to wear expensive clothes and jewellery and to drive a nice car. People who are rich or at least look rich immediately convey that they have high social status.

Looking healthy is another great way of conveying high status. However, you cannot become rich or healthy overnight. So how can you convey high status right now? Simple – by being happy and optimistic and not stifling your emotions. Being happy makes you emotionally superior to the other people who are in the environment.

You cannot afford to be sad and insecure if you want guys to admire you – especially when they have so many options. Would you date a guy who is unhappy with himself? NO! So accept yourself the way you are. Stop comparing yourself to other girls. Strive everyday to become your best self and focus on doing the things that make you happy.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Learn to feel comfortable in your own skin. Just go out and create your own party! Attracting guys is very easy if you are a happy woman! I don’t know what your idea of happiness is. But if you are of the opinion that someday you will wake up and all your problems will miraculously disappear, then that day is never going to arrive.

You can’t just expect to wake up and have it all – the caring husband, the beautiful kids, the fat bank account, the convertible in your garage, the big house with an ocean view etc. Every person living on this planet has problems. What differentiates the happy people from the sad ones is their attitude! 

A woman with high social status does not complain and gossip. She does not wait for other people’s approval. She has enough inner confidence to pursue her goals in life. She is kind and friendly. However, what makes her most attractive to men is that she is not emotionally needy!

Well that is tricky – is it not?

How can a person crave positive emotions and still not be emotionally needy. I mean, how can you want and not want something at the same time? Honestly, it is a bit difficult in the beginning.

For example: You were probably totally freaked out when you first sat behind the wheel of a car. But over time, the novelty wore off and you became comfortable to the point where driving became second nature. The same applies to guys – it is difficult to interact with tall, handsome men if you are just starting to go out.

You will probably not feel very confident at the beginning but eventually you will become used to being surrounded by hot guys. You will stop looking for their approval. You will conduct yourself confidently among them. The guys too will pick up on this and will sense that you are a ‘high value’ female. The kind that they want to pursue!

As you may have noticed, social confidence takes time to develop.

Which is precisely why I stress upon the need to practice every day. Just get good at making small talk with guys and even people in general. Don’t try to steer the interaction to a particular direction. Don’t try to get phone numbers or anything. Just be in the moment and enjoy the interaction. Learn to let go! Your social skills will improve and you will feel confident around guys. You do not have to act sleazy to grab guys’ attention. Your personality will shine through and men will begin to appreciate the real you! And that is exactly what men want – they want the real YOU!

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