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What do Guys Like in Bed?

Sex is pretty good for men even if it is not all that great. After all, sex ends when the man has an orgasm!

Still, there are some women who men are sexually addicted to. They treat them like sex goddesses and just cant get enough of them. You may be the most confident, humorous, kind, caring, stylish and educated woman that a man has ever dated.

However, all this does not amount to much if you are not satisfying him in the bedroom. You need to impress your man both in and out of the bedroom if you want to be the only woman in his life.

Men simply cannot resist a woman who possesses sexual magnetism. They will not admit it – but men want a classy lady who is a total slut in the bedroom! Like most things in life, getting good at sex involves two approaches – the inner approach and the outer approach. Both are equally important. However, you will probably never master the latter unless you get comfortable with the former.

The inner approach

Many women do not perform to their full potential in bed simply because they are not comfortable with their body image. Instead of letting themselves go and enjoying the act, they worry about a whole lot of things.

Their minds are filled with a flurry of questions like:

  • Am I doing this right?
  • Does he think I’m sexy?
  • Do I look fat?
  • Will he think that I am a slut if I do this?
  • Etc.

See, if you don’t like the way you look, then do something about it. There are some things that are out of your control – like your breast size, height etc. Accept yourself as you are.

You absolutely don’t need a pair of silicone implants to become desirable to men! 

You only need them if you THINK that you do!

So get comfortable with your body – sexuality is in the mind. If you can think sexy, you can be sexy!

Another reason women are inhibited in the bedroom is because of social conditioning! Since childhood, society teaches us that sex is bad and that a woman should be pious and chaste.

Some religions even impose the death penalty for having sex outside of marriage. I am not here to challenge your religious beliefs. However, I will try to provide a different insight. So please stay open minded. Sex is the source of life! It is the most coveted thing on the planet.

It is the reason why the human race has survived so many calamities like war, diseases and natural disasters. Sex is the reason that you exists. And if you are ashamed of the reason of your existence, then you probably should not exist and should refrain from procreating!

Embrace sex whole-heartedly. Treat it like the celebration that it is.

The Outer Approach! 

This one is easy once you have got the above part figured out! Now that your inner sex goddess is ready to be unleashed, you just have to fine tune things a bit by learning some new moves. Here is a list of ideas. They serve as excellent food for thought!

  1. Talk dirty: Talking dirty will not only arouse him further, but it will add to your excitement as well. However, many women have simply no clue about how to talk dirty. Let me reveal the secret. The trick to talking dirty is to simply talk. You are talking thinking and doing dirty – you just have to express your thoughts. Tell him what you see, how you feel, what you want him to do, what you want to do to him! Discuss your fantasies!
  2. Take control! OK, don’t bring out the whips and latex outfits yet! (Although you could!) Just don’t be afraid to tell him what exactly you want from him! He will appreciate it – trust me. Men will never admit it (actually a few might), but they like to be a dominated. At least a little bit! So feel free to initiate a new sex position; don’t wait for him to do it!
  3. Ask! Ask him what he likes. He will be very thankful that you did! Many women never bother to ask what their man likes. They simply guess! Communication is of utmost importance in a relationship – both in and out of the bedroom!
  4. Role-playing: Play out your wildest fantasies!
  5. Sex toys! Need I say anything?
  6. Let him watch! Men are very visually driven. Women care more about how they feel. Men are aroused by what they see. So don’t be shy to ‘perform’ for him!
  7. Surprise: Keep surprising him with a quickie, or by trying an unexpected sexual act or by having sex at an unusual location! Your imagination is the limit!

Last but not the least – you may not believe it but there are courses on how to get better in bed.

Check them out; they are definitely worth the extra effort!