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What do Men Want in a Relationship?

Men don’t like to talk about their needs in a relationship. To them, the topic is too ‘girlie’ to take seriously.

Men are taught to hide their true feelings and to fake strength and confidence ever since childhood – even if they are not really comfortable with something. So it is only after years of observation and counseling that I have come to know what men really want in relationships.
What do Men Want in a Relationship?
The biggest irony is that they themselves do not know that they even want these things. Or rather, they do not but not exactly and even if they do, they won’t tell! (Confused yet? Don’t be, LOL)

1) Space: This is where most women screw it up big time.

I know that you want to obsess over your ‘pet’. You want to dress him, decide the color of his shoes, underwear, tie, shave him, take him to your parties and show him off!

Sadly, men are not pets. In fact, they are hardwired to be aggressive fighters and hunters by nature. So they need time to go out and do manly stuff! They need to vent out their heat or else they become grumpy! Men value freedom over anything else.

This is precisely the reason why many single men say that they will never get married! If you encroach upon a man’s space, HE WILL DUMP YOU! Furthermore, he should be the one swooning over you, not the other way round!

2) Trust.

As I said before, men are very guarded and always hide their imperfections and insecurities. There are some things that men don’t tell even to their best buddies. I an ideal relationship, a man should be total open with his partner. He should trust her completely – enough to expose his vulnerable side to her. He should not feel judged. He must know that you love him even with his imperfections.

3) Mind-boggling sex!

Men will look at other women even if they are madly in love with a particular girl. They simply cannot help it.

To them, looking is as involuntary as breathing! What the hell, I will even go as far as saying that often, they even fantasize about the pretty women whom they encounter.

However, a man who is both emotionally AND sexually satisfied with his woman is highly unlikely to cheat. He is wired not to. His instinct tells him to marry this high value woman and start a family with her! However, the sex needs to be nothing short of amazing. If he has fantasies that are not being fulfilled, then he will probably look for gratification elsewhere!

4) He needs to feel masculine!

This one is easy enough, yet very few women ever get it right. What’s the big deal here? Aren’t I stating the obvious? NO! Many women make their man feel like a loser for petty stuff. They pester, complain and nag him for failing to accomplish trivial tasks like taking out the trash!

This puts a man in bad mood – he is more likely to get fed up of you and cheat on you. Also, he feels shamed for failing to accomplish really insignificant things. This constant shaming acts as a poison drip and drains away his masculine energy! A man needs to feel like a hero and it is your duty to make him feel like one. If he feels like a hero, he will act like a hero. He will tap into his masculine energy and go accomplish great things in the world. This will benefit both him and you.

Please don’t get this the wrong way. I don’t mean to say that men are too important to perform household chores. Those were only examples. Try to understand the deeper meaning – don’t nag your man for trivial stuff.

Always support him and encourage him to take upon new challenges. Wrap your head around the fact that most men will never be as organized or as tidy as you. Nor will they be as good with children as you!

5) Men want to be pampered…

Just like all of us, men like to be taken care of. Don’t let him take you for granted, but do something special for him every now and then. Cook his favorite food, grant him a sexual favor, buy him a gift, take him out for a date, give him a pleasant surprise. Men feel proud when they pampered. They even boast about it to their friends.

Last but not the least, a man’s idea of a relationship is calm and tranquility. So ease up on the drama please – you have your girlfriends for that!

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