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Men wish they could figure out what women want.

Women are like a sci-fi movie no matter how careful you look you will miss something.

But men have few things they want in a woman: Confidence

What Men Secretly Want Review

Wear confidence like your second skin.

If I’m being completely honest, I’ll say that confident women with high self esteem are so damn sexy and hot, men can’t HELP but be attracted to them.

There is nothing as unappealing as a woman who constantly seeks complements and reassurance. It is tiring to a man to have to remember to tell you that you look good or you will be pouting the whole day.

If anything, remember this: Confidence makes a woman attractive.


Don’t be a routine girl who does the same thing every time in bed every single time. Trust me on this, It gets stale and boring. Spice things up every now and then to keep the spark. If the spark disappears then the relationship loses its magic. Do things impulsively and you will keep a man interested.


The way you dress, how you talk, how you walk and your manners should ooze femininity. No man wants a slob for a girlfriend. A woman should take care of how she looks – men appreciate it when you look good for them. It shows you take them seriously and you are trying hard to impress them.


Men want a woman with something between the ears. There is nothing as exhausting and boring as a woman who doesn’t know anything. Having an Intelligent conversation with your girlfriend is a total turn on. Being able to hold your own during a discussion with your man makes you much interesting.


Men should be anchors in relationships furthermore they show fewer emotions than women. That does not mean they do not have problems men admire a woman who lends a shoulder to lean on once in a while. Do not be selfish try to offer support to your man. All men want is you listen to them once in a while and pamper them when they are feeling down.


Try to lay back a little do not be so uptight. Do not criticize your man for every little thing they do wrong. Let them off the hook once in a while. Don’t make them cringe every time they see you because you are probably going to nag him about something he didn’t do or something he did wrong.


Trust is the backbone of every relationship. Men want a woman that is honest. Men too are insecure and when they think you are lying to them it drives them nuts. Honesty is the key to making your man stick with you.

Have a funny bone

Laugh at his jokes, every man wants to make his lady smile. Engage in his silly banters it will make him happy. Loosen up a bit and have fun with your man once in a while. Keep the relationship exciting and fun. Let your man know he can have fun with you and he doesn’t have to hang with his boys all the time to have fun. It brings you too closer.

Give him his independence

Allow your man to hang out with his friends. Let him do men stuff once in a while. Do not keep calling him on his night outs to ask where he is, or with whom or when he is coming back it is a drag. He will miss you and pay more attention to you when he gets back.

Don’t be a gold-digger

Men like pampering their women. He will lavish you with presents and take you out often to make you happy. Do not pressure them to break the bank just to shower you with presents. Don’t be a leech that sucks every blood out of his system. Earn your own money and let him give thing to you voluntarily he will love you for that.

Believe me when I tell you this. As SIMPLE as this post is, these tips I’ve shared with you above and tested and PROVEN to make your relationship stronger. Do these, and they will help you keep a man at your side for the long haul.

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