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Have you kissed many toads but were disappointed because they never turned into princes?

Well, I am here to ensure that this never happens again. Listed below are some of my timeless tips on what men really want from and in a woman. This article will bust quite a few myths open and will help you to get rid of quite a few misconceptions. It will definitely help you to become the woman that men dream of being married to.

1) Men like a woman who is REAL: Funny huh? Especially when all the other dating coaches are telling you to ‘fake it until you make it. Today, all women have access to ‘seduction techniques’ and most of this stuff is just plain bullshit! Honestly, men are fed up with women who constantly think of new ways and strategies to attract and seduce them– these women never manage to make a real connection since they are busy remembering lines and routines that they googled earlier in the day! As a result, they act plain weird and they do crazy stuff like flaking on men, pretending to be busy when they are actually doing nothing but eating nachos and watching TV, making foolish attempts at being mysterious etc. Show him the real you and get out of your head! MEN LIKE WOMEN WHO ARE COMFORTABLE BEING THEMSELVES. Having said that, you should definitely not get complacent. Do keep improving and evolving as a person. Strive to become your best real self.

2) Men like women who have some self respect: Are you a responsible woman? Do you actually have a life? A job? Can you talk about anything else except Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga? Do you have hobbies, interests, goals? (getting drunk and ‘hanging out’ are not hobbies) Also, dressing up like a prostitute will get you loads of attention. However, is this the kind of shallow attention that you seek? It is true that men are attracted by sexy women but then, there is a difference between sexy and slutty. You should look attractive by all means but if looking good is your only tool for attracting men, you will have a hard time getting them to respect you. Men will want to sleep with you since you look good, but they won’t want to make you their girlfriend or wife since you lack emotional and intellectual depth.

3) Men like women who are confident: Insecurity is the opposite of sexy. Understand that no one in this world is perfect. If you do not believe men, then look up photos of celebrities without makeup. Having said that, any woman can look and feel absolutely wonderful if she wants to. So take pride in your positives and work on eliminating your flaws. Most importantly, try to extract the maximum amount of joy from each moment of your life!

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Deborah is the owner of this site, a dating and relationship expert and a wife and mother to a wonderful husband and two twin girls.

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