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Where to meet rich men?

Before I begin, I want to clear one important thing – there is absolutely no shame in wanting to meet and date rich men.

So stop feeling guilty and proceed with a crystal clear conscience.

Where to Meet Rich Men

Here is some honest advice for women who want to date rich guys.

1) Be prepared for a challenge. Rich men are VERY hard to impress – they meet and date gorgeous and intelligent women all the time. You really need to get your A game on if you hope of having even a remote chance of getting a millionaire’s attention and keeping it.

2) Don’t be replaceable. Rich guys are surrounded by a certain stereotype of women and they are wary of them. These women are generally known as gold diggers. They are in it ONLY for the money. They laze around all day – they don’t endeavor to become financially independent. They manipulate rich men into giving them money and buying them expensive gifts. Rich guys put up with such women for a while but then they dump them and move on to the next one.

Do you want to be fu$#*d and then dumped? No self respecting woman does. If you really want to win a rich man’s heart – then you have to show him that you are a strong, independent woman who may be attracted to him, but is certainly not intimated by him. He needs to realize that it is going to take much more than a fat wallet to impress you!

Actually try to improve in all aspects of your life – work hard for that promotion, work out to get in the best possible shape that you can, live passionately! The irony is that rich give everything to the woman who does not ask for anything!

3) Wine tasting events, high end pubs, luxury resorts, golf clubs, expensive boutiques, art galleries, sports clubs, auctions, charity events, political meetings, car shows, wine tasting events, high class restaurants are some good places to meet rich men.

4) A great place to meet rich men is the internet. I recommend the internet for several reasons – it is low pressure, you have many options, having many options means that you do not come across as needy and desperate!

I recently came across a “rich men dating” website that shows you EVERYTHING you need to know and I highly recommend it.

5) A few final words: I have observed that rich men are super confident, motivated, driven, intelligent and grounded. This makes them immensely desirable and masculine. Society has a certain misconception that it is wrong and amoral to want to date rich men! This is partly due to the fact that people are jealous of the rich (not just a cliché.)

After all, they have all that they want! These people vacation in exotic destinations while the average guys struggle to pay the rent! They eat out at places which charge 70 bucks for a salad – the ‘normal’ people don’t even know how the interior of such a restaurant looks like!

I don’t judge women for having the desire to date rich, powerful and famous men because I understand that ALL women are GENETICALLY predisposed to be attracted to such men. After all, almost of these men are ‘alphas’. They make things happen, they are very in control of their life and they control very large sums of money and employ many people.

They need certain character traits and skill sets in order to shoulder such responsibilities and to pull of astonishing feats! It is these character traits that make them so attractive. Men have been the ‘providers’ for hundreds of thousands of years. It is only in the past few decades that feminism has become a mainstream ideology.

While I am ALL for gender equality and women empowerment, I KNOW FOR A FACT that it is natural for a woman to want to be taken care of by your man. I know that the above statements are bound to generate a lot of controversy – however, I don’t believe in being pretentious and I have the scientific evidence and the expertise to back what I just said!

Judging women for liking rich men would be like judging men for liking beautiful women!

<3 Deb

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About the Author

Deborah is the owner of this site, a dating and relationship expert and a wife and mother to a wonderful husband and two twin girls.