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Warning: This article contains startling facts about the human mind. Your perception of men may change radically after reading the information below but don’t take it personally. After all, men will be men!

The Male Brain

No man knows what goes on inside the female brain. However, to women, the male mind is equally mysterious and often, downright baffling. Many women have absolutely no clue about how men think and why they behave the way they do.

Women will perhaps never understand things like:

  • How can men continue sleeping when the baby cries at night?
  • Why men never ask for directions?
  • How can men adjust their private parts in public and act as if nothing happened?
  • How can grown men be obsessed about video games?
  • How do men manage to remember the name and technical details of every car on the road?
  • And if they have such a good memory, then why do their forget anniversaries?

Yet, the most frustrating and depressing question that women have no answer to is – Why do men pull away? 

Why Men Pull Away

Well, scientists will perhaps never figure out why men have such poor aim while peeing or why do they keep empty containers inside the refrigerator! However, it seems like they do have the answer to why men pull away.

You see, all species on earth, including the human species basically have just one major purpose in life – to reproduce! Reproduction is indispensable for the survival of any species. The chances of a surviving a crisis are much higher if the population of that species is high – as high as possible. Thus, the number one priority for all creatures is to reproduce.

This might sound crude to you – after all we have evolved into a civilized society and there is much more to life than just making babies.  There are TV shows to watch and gossip about, clothes and shoes to buy, food to eat, parties to attend and yes, there’s work too! (Just kidding). However, things have not always been this rosy. It is only in the last few centuries that humans have been able to live a relatively safe and comfortable life.

We have managed to create a world where there is minimal public violence and almost no attacks from predators.  Also, medical science has witness phenomenal development and almost all diseases can be treated successfully. Thus, the human population thrives today. However, as mentioned earlier, the need to reproduce still remains ingrained in our DNA – it is part of who we are.

So what? What does this have to do with men pulling away?

Well, our society supports the concept of marriage and considers adultery to be amoral. However, these concepts go against the instincts of men. Men have an instinctual desire to mate with many women. This enables them to pass on their genes to as many offspring as possible. This behavior is desirable from an evolutionary perspective as a higher number of offspring equals to a better chance of survival for the entire species.

When a man impregnates a woman, he has to wait another year before she can become pregnant again. So he basically has nothing to do. If a man stays faithful to one woman, he produces just one offspring per year when he could have produced dozens! Thus, it makes much more sense (to a man) to impregnate as many women as possible. Don’t hate men for thinking this way – they have no choice in the matter. It is not a voluntary decision – it is pure instinct. In fact, it is due to this kind of behavior that the human population has survived so many calamities, wars, diseases etc.

To a man, the prospect of remaining exclusive to just one woman seems very daunting. It goes against his true nature. This is precisely why men pull away and are extremely hesitant to get into a serious relationship or marriage, even though they are in love. From a woman’s perspective, it is highly objectionable if her man goes around sleeping with other women. After all, she and her offspring will have to share the man’s wealth with his other wives and offspring. This is the reason why women become infuriated when their men cheat on them!

All this might sound very offensive and disturbing to you but it is true. Still, not all hope is lost. Men are actually capable of loving a womanA man’s brain releases certain chemicals which make him love his woman. This is to ensure that he stays with her and protects her from predators and other perils.

There is another reason why men pull away, they have a big ego. A man approaches a woman and courts her for a while in an attempt to impress her. However, if she plays too hard to get – his ego gets hurt and he pulls away. The best way to circumvent this problem is to give him a reason to pursue you further. Have fun with your man, give him good emotions, do something exciting, spend quality time together – don’t give him a reason to pull away and he won’t. Remember that in many cases, men pull away just because they crave some attention. So give him a bit of attention and then you pull away, he will follow!

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